What is Reiki?

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy that is specifically and only used for Healing. Reiki can be used for any kind of healing, mental, emotional or physical.
Reiki Benefits include: – Fosters natural self-healing – Relaxes and reduces stress – Balances energies in the body – Relieves pain and discomfort – Adapts to needs of the recipient – Helps meditative states – Promotes personal awareness – Enhances spiritual connection !

Reiki is easy to learn and use and is getting some notice from the traditional medical community.

Julie teaches Reiki with workshops every month offered at our classroom in Fairhope.
Go to this link for up to date class listings: https://reikicenteroffairhope.com/events/

Additional details about Julie at more about Julie E Brent

Here are some comments from students who took the recent Reiki I & II workshop:

Karen said: “Excellent learning, good communication between teacher and students, Julie is very flexible with what comes up… I would change nothing in this class!”

Rose said: “Mystical, magical and at the same time very professional and Earth based.”

Shelby said: “Wonderous – do it if you feel you should, I liked everything and everyone, it was perfect.”


Reiki on the Dr. Oz Show
Doctor Mehment Oz recently introduced Reiki on his show regarding Alternative Medicine.

“It’s a brand new year, so make this the year you try something new.”  These were the words said by Dr. Oz at the opening of his television show on Wednesday, January 6, 2010 which featured alternative medicine therapies.  Many people know Dr. Oz from his years of appearing on Oprah, and now he has his own  program, The Dr. Oz Show

Reiki was the only energy medicine featured on the program.  Dr. Oz introduced Pamela Miles, who is a Reiki Master.  He said, “Pamela has actually been to the operating room with me where we have done Reiki.  My wife, Lisa, is a Reiki Master, so when the kids get sick or I am out of sorts… she uses Reiki.  I actually feel the heat.”  Pamela demonstrated Reiki on an audience volunteer with a headache.  She explained that “Reiki is a balancing practice…it influences the person’s overall system toward balance.  And then as her system becomes more balanced, symptoms tend to fall away.”  Dr. Oz asked the volunteer if she felt anything, and she replied, “Yes.  My headache is going away.”

Dr. Oz used a large microscopic image of a cell to “show why I think energy has been overlooked.  This is an image of a cell, and it’s beautiful, isn’t it?  You see that cell there, and it looks colorful.  Look at the blue pattern on the outside.  That’s the membrane of the cell.  That blue area on the outside differentiates life, because it separates no energy on the outside from energy that’s present on the inside.”

  “So if you think about it that way, if a membrane of a cell keeps an energy balance between inside and outside which is what defines life, if we put those cells together in an organ, shouldn’t the organ have energy?  And if you put those organs into a body, shouldn’t our bodies have energy?  And so many of the ailments that we suffer from can be treated through energy therapies – which will become much more prevalent over the next few years.”

   At the end of the show Dr. Oz always features three things that he asks everyone to remember from that day’s show which he calls “Doctor’s Orders”. 

The first “Doctor’s Order” for that day was:  TRY REIKI”.

Dr. Oz said about Energy Medicine, “…what I think may ultimately be the most important alternative treatment of all…”


One Response to What is Reiki?

  1. Nadija says:

    Actually, there is no licensing for Reiki alaliabve, as it is deemed to be low risk. Some states or localities may impose restrictions, such as requiring a Reiki practitioner to be a licensed massage therapist, which does not guarantee that the person is adequately trained in Reiki. At this point, only a handful of states have adjusted their medical practice laws (which Reiki and other non-licensend practices often fall under) to reflect the current health care marketplace. Just one of the many aspects of the need for health care reform…Fortunately, Reiki is low risk, and most mishaps can be avoided by taking a little time to evaluate the practitioner’s professionalism and your sense of rapport with him/her.Thank you for helping bring Reiki to a mainstream public.

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