Reiki Center of Fairhope


Reiki is now being recognized as a successful way to treat all manner of problems, physical and more. This site is dedicated to opening doors for those who want to know more about Reiki (“Ray-Key”). Welcome.

The Reiki Center of Fairhope was created to offer Reiki Treatments and Classes to teach everyone who would like to learn Reiki how to treat themselves and others.

Health & Wellness Is Our Mission
Welcome Classes Sessions Sharing

We are here to share Reiki with the community. A variety of Reiki Events will be listed, private sessions are available and much more. Take a look around and share in Reiki with us.

We are in Fairhope and will happily give you directions if you give us a call 251-281-8811



find us on


2 Responses to Reiki Center of Fairhope

  1. Ace says:

    Hi, a friend of mine and I have been looking for someone near us who practices Reiki and gives sessions, I got found your site and was wondering how how much a session costs and how we could go about setting up an appointment?

    Thanks, Ace

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