What is Quantum-Touch® (QT) by Julie E Brent, Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Certified Quantum-Touch Level I Instructor.

Since 1985 I have practiced many modalities of energy work, beginning with Polarity when I read founder of Quantum-Touch, Richard Gordon’s first book. But none of the different styles of energy work I had done could match Q-T. You may find interesting that having studied, polarity, reiki, shiatsu, therapeutic touch, jin shin acutouch, healing touch that I would be so impressed with this simple yet powerful technique for stimulating your personal healing.

I have taught Reiki since 1996 and know the benefits of Reiki well, so I was very surprised when I discovered that Q-T works WITH Reiki  and speeds the process up dramatically. My first astonishing session was with a 4 year old girl who had recently developed a scoliosis in her lower spinal area. She had been complaining to her mother about back pain. Her mother brought her with her when she came for an appointment she already had scheduled. I took a look at the spinal area and showed her mother the curvature. I started running Quantum-Touch to level her hips first then the neck area before going to the curvature in her lower back. It only took about 5 minutes for the whole process. Her mother and I then looked at her spine and saw no curvature…NONE!! She announced, happily, that her back didn’t hurt any more!!

Quantum-Touch works deep in the cellular level by raising your energy, this creates an environment for the innate healing intelligence of our body to activate. The results are amazing. You already know and accept this process daily, when you get a cut on your skin you expect it to heal within a few days, this is the same process that is possible with any problem area, inside or out. Quantum-Touch stimulates this process in every cell allowing the healing to occur naturally.
see the upcoming Quantum-Touch Level I workshops at this link:
Event Calendar for Reiki Center of Fairhope


This is a before and after picture taken in one of the QT workshops. This happened in just 90 minutes of QT with a group.



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