Earth-Heart Codes

Earth-Heart Codes Workshop
additional details at this Earth Heart Series Info page

Earth-Heart Codes  is a Celestial Light Response to the fast electromagnetic changes that the Earth and the Beings on Planet Earth are experiencing.

This system presents five codes based on sacred geometry, teachings and meditations, given by Archangel Michael, Metatron and Angel O, to assist us in staying tuned to the rapid changes by expanding the capacity of our energy bodies.

Anyone can take the workshop and practice the Earth-Heart Series work.
This system is designed  for self work, which is taught in a One Day workshop.

The focus of the Earth-Heart Series is to Evolve in Love, Evolution through:

* Allowing easy Expansion beyond the seven Chakras.
Working with stones to heal and open 14 chakras…see them at this link:

* Aligning with the Magnetic Field of Mother Earth.

* Meditations for Assimilation and Transformation in a way that assists in our carbon-based bodies cellular structure change.

* Increased Awareness and Clarity with practice of the meditations

* Learn to breath in a way that will allow the Earth-Heart Connection with every breath

* Fully Embrace your Heart-Self.

Earth-Heart Codes
with Julie E Brent, MA, NCTMB
Live Video (via Zoom) Workshop – Call to schedule a date!
9:30 am – 5:30pm Central Standard Time USA
Fee: $250.00 via PayPal
You will learn to use your breath & codes together to infuse your aura and chakras with updated energies. Use of the codes and breathing together on regular basis will allow you to stay connected to YOUR Heart Chakra & to the Earth’s Heart Chakra. A series of sacred geometry activations along with an incredible way to breath that will forever keep you grounded. Long lasting healing tools learned in this two day event. See more details here.
get the book here:  Earth Heart Codes Kindle edition
To sign up for the next workshop in Earth-Heart Series contact:

Julie E Brent, cell 251-504-5328 or email


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