Learning Self Healing

Many of us struggle with health and emotional issues and wonder how we can find someone to assist us on our journey. If you set you mind to it you can find help along the way, but the MOST important thing is to learn how to help your SELF on a daily basis.

You were created with the ability to heal yourSELF. That gift comes with the package of being born. Think about it. Most of us know that a small cut or bruise to the surface of our body heals within a few days if we just take care of it. Keep it clean and it heals itself. So why do we think that the rest of the cells in our body cannot also do this? Truth is they can, we just don’t know what they require to heal themselves. We are taught as a child how to take care of our cuts and bruises, but then we are not taught how to care for the rest of our SELVES.

Our Being depends on Universal Life Force Energy to function. The knowledge has been around for centuries. Take some time to look at the research done in Asia which resulted in the knowledge of meridians and energy centers. Today we see acupuncture and acupressure as modalities that directly intend to improve the function of the flow of energy through the meridians, thus allowing the body to heal itself. The training to learn how to use these modalities is a long and costly.

You can also learn Quantum-Touch and/or Reiki to find out how you can on a daily basis give yourSELF the Universal Life Force Energy it requires to allow SELF healing. Both are easy to learn and can give you the knowledge and skills needed to help boost your body, mind, spirit to heal. ANY one can learn these without prior knowledge of Universal Life Force Energy. The information needed is included in the workshops.

Take time to look around this web site and ask questions.
Hope to see you soon in a workshop to learn SELF healing.


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