Celebrating 20 Years of Reiki

Celebrating 20 years as Reiki Master Teacher

Julie E Brent, founder of Reiki Center of Fairhope is celebrating 20 years of practice and teaching Usui Reiki. She took her Reiki Training from several experienced Reiki Master Teachers at a time when Reiki was relatively unknown in the United States. She has gladly watched as Reiki has become more well known and used by the general public as well as in hospitals.
Julie became a licensed in Therapeutic Massage and during her training she discovered she had an affinity for working with Life Force Energy. She studied Shiatsu, Healing Touch and others, but discovered she was drawn to Reiki because it meet her life ideal of “Keep It Simple”. Reiki is a profoundly easy to learn and use, and over time it has shown itself to be extremely effective.

In celebration of 20 years teaching Usui Reiki she is offering a 20% discount of fees to anyone registering for her Reiki Workshops in October and November 2016.

Contact Julie and mention this discount at registration. 251-281-8811, ReikiCenterofFairhope@gmail.com

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