Keep It Simple with Reiki

Keep It Simple with Reiki

Article by Julie E Brent – September 29, 2015

Over 25 years ago I started my self-healing journey with earnest when I discovered that I was hypo-hypoglycemic. The words of the enlightened doctor rang in my head, “there is no medicine to take for this condition, you must change what you eat and your lifestyle.” That was the first time that anyone had ever said that I was personally responsible for my own healing. Whew, what an empowering thought!

This idea propelled me into the natural healing modalities, reading labels before eating foods, stopping consumption of sugar and studying yoga. I learned that those things that were complicated did not appeal to me, so I let the ideas and healing techniques I learned quickly drop away if it smacked of ego or it told me to “beware” because it may hurt you. It finally became obvious to me that the often used phrase “Keep it Simple Silly” was like a prime directive for me in nearly everything.
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