Quantum Touch Coaching Sessions

If you have not already experienced Quantum-Touch I encourage you to do so. QT is the most “KIS” (Keep It Simple) of all the healing techniques I have come across. Anyone can learn to do this in a short time. I have decided to offer private “classes”  for those who want to experience QT and to ask questions, review the technique and practice your self-healing.

You can purchase a book for Quantum-Touch, read it and it gives complete instructions. However most folks have doubts after reading the book and wonder if they really understand and are doing it correctly. What I am offering is what you need to confirm that you are getting it done properly.

You can also watch the online video on quantum-touch.com and learn how from the founder Richard Gordon. Also I find that people still have questions that they want answered after watching the video. I can help you confirm your technique and give you feedback.

Additionally you will get a private QT healing session during your coaching session. What do you have to lose? Looking forward to hearing from you to schedule your session.

Sweeping and Breathing, Julie

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