New Offering starts this month…. Mastery Series

5th Dimensional Mastery Series
“Learning to Drive Your 5th Dimensional Vehicle”
Workshop Series with Julie E Brent
FREE Informational and Registration Event
Tuesday April 14 at 7 pm (CST)
meets twice monthly on Tuesdays for 3 months

As we are Masters already at changing the Universe we live in by incarnating into the physical to pretend to be human, and experience Imperfection (I’M Perfect) many of us are longing for a roadmap, and some terminology to assist us in talking about what we are experiencing.
This 5th Dimensional Mastery Series is intended to do just that by giving you tools to consciously work with and to be able to talk and teach others when you are ready.
You will Awaken to this new reality and become a master at driving this vehicle during the two to three hour classes twice a month. There will also be a teleconference option for those who are not able to come in person.
Topics Include: Understanding Dimensions, My 11 Soul Expressions, Energy System Sacred Geometry & the Torus, Inter-Dimensional Healing, Beyond 7 Chakras and More!
Date and time details for entire training to be announced at meeting.

OR if you prefer to have personal coaching on this information you can schedule private sessions!

Call or email Julie to Register and questions
251-504-5328 or

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