Conscious Reiki on Myself

Conscious Reiki on Myself
by Julie E Brent, Reiki Master Teacher

With the Reiki I & II training I began to consciously give myself daily Reiki treatments. I started to see more changes in the ways that I viewed life and gave more of myself to the love and healing that I was wanting in my life. I feel that this part of my healing was more apparent in my mental and emotional self. Many of my old habits and issues came up for me to examine and heal in deeper ways than I had previously been able to do.

However, I still did not feel I was ready to announce to the world that I was giving Reiki treatments. I did begin to consciously incorporate Reiki into all of my massage and reflexology treatments. I began to feel the difference between Reiki and the Polarity treatments that I was comfortable with. I already had a history of “letting” the energy work to the “highest good” of the client. My intention was clear from the beginning that I should not try to control the outcome of the treatments; that this was a sacred pact between the person receiving the energy and their Higher Self.

After a few months I asked Laura to teach ART, Reiki III and Master Level classes in Fairhope. We organized another Level I & II and the ART, Reiki III and Master Level and I retook the Level I & II. As the Universe works its miracles. . . a couple of people wanted to learn Karuna Reiki and Laura taught Karuna Reiki during the week between the two classes.

Again I was able to work in the “intense” fashion which I find successful for me. I took all three classes in nine days, eight days of class and one day off. By the last day of the intensive I was truly having a healing crisis. This was viewed as a logical product to the previous week and I welcomed it in some way. I worked very hard emotionally and each of the students taking the class helped me grow.

I immediately began to use what I had learned in the previous week. I used the Meditations taught daily, and put my Reiki Grid to good use, charging it daily as well. I volunteered for the Distance Healing Network and received “cases” to work on every week. I began to do Reiki Treatments on all of the clients who felt drawn to it. Through the meditations I have become more grounded and find more clarity in the uses of the symbols.

I found that Karuna Reiki was very compatible with my work and have used it extensively. I have used the Healing Attunement for my partner and myself at least weekly to assist us in our healing. We have both found that this can almost immediately give results in a measurable way.

Personally, I have used it to solve an insomnia problem. I just give the Healing Attunement using the distance symbol to my stuffed animal with the intent of it arriving as soon as I am settled in my bed, and within seconds I am out like a light until the next morning.

I have used the Reiki Aura Healing combined with the Healing Attunement on many of my clients. In one case, my client came for two standard Reiki Treatments and felt the Reiki energy as very uncomfortable. It felt very strong to her, as she had a number of unbalances. She said that each treatment made a recognizable difference in the way she felt afterward. I was guided to give her a Healing Attunement at the next session, and she said it was a marvelous experience. The Reiki Treatment given immediately following the Healing Attunement did not present the discomfort she had previously experienced. The rest of the series of treatments that she received were also very comfortable.

I started teaching Level II & I almost immediately after taking the Master Level and teaching Reiki came naturally. Most of the things I had already been teaching were included; meditation, the human energy system and energy work. After a couple of Level I & II classes I had enough people ready to take ART, Reiki II & Master. My first class teaching at this level was a really confirming experience. I have no doubt that all of my previous training and teaching has prepared me to become a Reiki Teacher.

Reiki continues to be a moment to moment part of my life. It smoothes the way when I have tough things to work through, it comforts me when I have doubts about my life, it gives my clients and students what they need when they are ready.

I guess I can’t imagine my life without Reiki . . . and I am truly glad to be able to pass this healing love on to as many people as possible.

OM Shanti – Healing with Reiki…Julie

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