Lest we forget DAILY Reiki…

I admit I am only human like the rest of you!  I let life get in the way and a couple days slip by and I forget to do my daily Reiki treatment on myself, then I wake up an go geez…why am I feeling not my best and remember that I can do Reiki anytime I need it and then I feel much better.

I had a poor nights sleep a couple days ago and dragged myself out of the bed after the fitful night feeling like I could not face the day. I was inside worried that I could not meet my commitments because I was sluggish. Then I remembered that I could give myself a Reiki treatment. I did my preparations by remembering and activating my symbols and prepared my space with nice music and Reiki. I stretched out in my recliner and gave myself a really slow generous session. Since I also practice several other energy styles, I included some Quantum-Touch, Jin Shin Acutouch and Polarity in my personal rejuvenation session. Reiki combines with all of these just wonderfully.

After my session I just relaxed and took a short nap. When I left my Reiki session I felt like I had gotten a really good nights sleep and went through my day easily.

I encourage my students to make a commitment to practice Reiki on themselves daily so that they can FEEL the wonder of the body intelligence to heal itself that is activated when you practice Reiki and energy healing. Your body is an amazing miracle that LOVES the infusion of Reiki to give a boost.

That’s all for today.
Love and Light
JulieJulie also offers Reflex-ation sessions

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