Planning to GIVE more in our blog!

Hi everyone….today I am starting to take a professional blogging class so I can learn to GIVE you more on our Reiki Blog. It is an exciting time to learn to make better use of this format and to be able to understand how to offer you more. We have lots of information available and I am going to learn how to better offer it to you. SO bear with me over the next four weeks and look forward to seeing more here. Thanks so much for your patience.

Also we have big news….we are in the process of getting a new office set up!! It is not far from our former office right on Hwy 181 in Fairhope Alabama. Patience with us as we are remodeling, have to put signs up and all that goes with that. WE are very excited! Keep your eye on our pages here for more details as we know them.

In the meantime if you want to know more about Reiki, Quantum-Touch, Therapeutic Massage or Reflexology, please contact us so we can answer your questions, set up and appointment for a free 15 minute consultation by phone or in person. We LOVE to help you and answer your questions.

Light and Love

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