Getting to Know Reiki

Reiki has been a constant part of my life since the mid 1990’s, but I still remember how the questions about how Reiki worked and what it could do nagged at me until I took a workshop. I went to demonstrations and Reiki Shares in San Diego when I was enrolled in massage school. Each event helped me climb the ladder of understanding. The most important thing that sold me was the results and that it could do no harm, that it always worked in the best interest of the practitioner and the client. 

At that time while studying many modalities in school Reiki stood out because it did not have any warning labels attached. Many of the things I learned came with a list of contraindications, and it was refreshing to find that I did not have to worry about that with Reiki. I learned that my personal preference was toward KIS (keep it simple) in many areas of my life and Reiki fit neatly into that category.

Simple does not in this case mean powerless. Reiki can and has healed anything that you are ready to heal, much faster than you can imagine. The Reiki that I know and love is pure love, life force energy, healing energy, unconditional love….just to phrase it in a variety of ways. I trust that it helps in all situations, even if I personally cannot see the change in that moment. It can be slow, it can be fast, it all depends on what the individual receiving the session requires. As a ‘giver’ of Reiki, I just allow it to work without expectations or judgement. And it does.

If you want to talk about Reiki, or take a workshop please feel free to reach out and chat via email (reikicenteroffairhope @ or phone.

Be Well, Julie

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