New Research on Energy Healing results

I have been doing Quantum-Touch along with Reiki since 2004 and LOVE the way it speeds the work I do giving very significant results for my clients and myself. The latest research posted on the Quantum Touch web page gives more than just my experience that QT produces results.
This research studied the issue of a relatively new holistic modality, Quantum-Touch, and its impact on adult clients with chronic musculoskeletal pain using two measurable forms – one to compile subjects’ pain ratings and one to assess improvement or lack thereof in individual skills and tasks. In the final analysis, the results and findings compiled from the Experimental and Control groups demonstrated with high statistical significance, that Quantum-Touch hands-on healing was effective on chronic pain when administered for a minimum of 20 minutes on both men and women. Further, it was evidenced that there was a positive impact on the skill/task level of those subjects who received Quantum-Touch hands-on healing. Last, over the duration of the study, for those who received Quantum-Touch energy, there appeared to be a calming or relaxing effect resulting at the conclusion of the sessions. Therefore, logical reasoning resulting from the data collected and the t-test tables warrant that Quantum-Touch be considered as a modality to administer alongside with conventional treatment in the area of chronic pain management and specifically musculoskeletal pain. The implications for Quantum-Touch to be studied with regard to acute pain and pain in general are undeniable in light of the results and findings from this study.”

You can read the entire post at this link:

I offer Level One Quantum-Touch workshops here in Fairhope and Lexington Kentucky regularly, check out the EVENTS tab on this blog to see when you can sign up for a workshop. No previous experience is required to learn Quantum-Touch, in fact by noon the first day of class you will be able to see results in the practice sessions.

Please call me or email if you want to experience QT for yourself. or call 251-281-8811

Love and Healing to You!


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