Reiki and the Earth

In recent months I have been working on my solar plexus chakra with every style of bodywork and energywork that I have in my toolkit. The problem is not life threatening just a bit bothersome, but gives me a chance and an excuse for daily attention to giving myself healing work. Pretty sure that is why I have this!! In my classes I ask my students to get in the habit of daily self Reiki or other type of healing work…because you can do more for others if you are full yourself.
As I have ticked off the list of options for self-healing work I have noticed that one has had the most immediate and long term impact on my condition, Earth-Heart Reiki.  I believe it has helped because it connects my energy with the Earth in a profound way.
Earth-Heart Reiki came into my consciousness in February 2011. The Archangels and Reiki Guides that work with me gave me an opportunity to create and channel this amazing set of symbols and information over the course of a couple weeks that February. I have taught this workshop and each student agrees that this is very timely work for our world today. Over the years since Usui Reiki was presented to the world there have been people blessed with the opportunity to carry on the tradition of Dr. Usui and bring the latest of the healing tools to the Reiki community. I am grateful to be among those who ‘listened’ to their inner guidance and bring forth this amazing body of work.

I am offering a Earth-Heart Reiki Workshop in February this year in Fairhope Alabama. The two day workshop is full of information that will allow you to stretch and grow your personal healing and also come away with the tools to teach it to others. You can take this workshop if you are already a Reiki practitioner or instructor and expand your Reiki tools. However you do not need any previous Reiki training to take this workshop.

Check out Earth-Heart Reiki information at this link

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