Reiki Center Now Offers Pay What Can Classes

Starting Monday September 2, 2013, the Reiki Center of Fairhope will be offering pay what you can classes every weekday – Monday through Friday – @ 10 am.

We wanted to reach out and offer classes that will fit your budget and your schedule, so we thought you could PAY what you feel you can contribute.

No set fee for any of these classes. No need to register. No experience necessary. Just show up and enjoy.

Mondays@ 10 am

IndigoFlow with Amy Siegal. Amy will offer tips and personal experience to those who are raising indigo children or personally face the challenges of living the Indigo Experience.

Tuesdays@ 10 am

Meditation with Rebecca Havard. A time to dive into a deep meditation with the support of others and a chance to share and ask questions.

Wednesdays@ 10 am

Yoga with Julie E Brent. Focusing on relaxation to prepare for the “Salutation to the Sun” each week, learning to get the most out of each of the 12 poses. Additionally each class will focus on individual student needs. A Gentle approach to Yoga focusing on breathing, restoration while gaining strength.

Thursdays@ 10 am

Introduction to Essential Oils with Renee Adcock. Experience essential oils with a focus on the properties and uses of one essential oil per week

Fridays@ at 10 am

Qigong with Donna Weber. Qigong is ancient technique for balancing Life Force Energy for Health and Well-Being. We will focus on easy but powerful movement techniques to maintain or improve your health. “Qigong deals with the root cause of sickness, gives the body a perfect healing, and heals the body physically, spiritually, and mentally.” Master Chunyi Lin

Come join us every weekday at 10 am!

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