Empower your Indigo child

Indigo children are here to fight the good fight. They stare down at injustice and dare it to make the next move. Because this is their mission they obviously will seek it out. As a parent, we have to remind them that the Universe will give them what they’re looking for. They have a tendency to become depressed as they focus on what the world cannot provide. Remind them to look for what the world can provide so that the universe entrains to that thought. They are fantastic creators. When they get into a habit of recognizing more good things, the universe will hear “more good things”. It won’t take long before you notice the smile coming back. When they so easily make the connection between gratitude and abundance they’ll feel empowered. They can put down the sword and reach for a new tool to fix what can seem so futile. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of entrainment, come to the Reiki Center. It’s our favorite subject.

Amy Siegal, Earth Heart Reiki Practitioner

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