Reiki For Kids

I think every kid should know how to do Reiki on themselves.  Their bodies have so much stress ~ I don’t think we adults even realize how much.  They also have stress from school, peer pressure, and all of  the activities they’ve got to fit into their day.  There are more and more kids dealing with the realities of life, too ~ maybe because their parents are divorced or one of them has passed on.  That’s not even mentioning the food they’re eating – the quality of our food today is not very good.  The wheat that people eat now is not the same wheat that people ate 50 years ago.  Our food has many chemicals in it and it’s over-processed.

If kids could do Reiki on themselves every day it would put their bodies back in balance so they could handle life more easily.  They’d be healthier, happier and more relaxed.  It’s natural for kids to do Reiki – they pick it up quickly and it seems to come natural to them.  It could help them relax before starting a new school or exams.  It could help their bodies fight a cold and imagine if they got hurt playing sports ~ they could apply Reiki to a sprain, swelling, even a broken bone.

Our kids also like to help others ~ they could give Reiki to a family member and even the family pet.  They may even want to volunteer their Reiki to an animal clinic.  And if there’s an adult in the family that knows Reiki that’s even better.  They can work on each other or you can attend retreats or go to Reiki Shares.  The good thing is they would know how send Reiki and can use it whenever they like or need to.  It’s a good thing to know and they could help people they love.

Carolyn – Reiki Master Practitioner

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