Parenting Indigo Children – How can something that makes you want to pull your hair out be such a beautiful thing all at the same time?

When my Indigo son was a toddler, he refused to accept my inability to remain present. If I was preoccupied, bogged down in my every day chores or just trying to grab a minute for reflection, he would do something to make sure that never –ever happened again. He had such a strong ability to connect on a vibrational level that he would feel abandoned if I allowed my mind to go anywhere but there with him. Luckily for me, that only lasted a few years… yes, years! Parenting is a hard job. Parenting an Indigo Child adds a whole other level. They push us to be authentic in every way. You aren’t allowed to go through the motions with a smile on your face as you are worrying about the bills. You either smile or worry, but not both. It just makes no sense otherwise. He eventually realized that just because my mind had momentarily left the building didn’t mean that I had. And the fact that he’s able to be present and authentic at every moment, doesn’t mean the rest of the world has that capability. He seems to be o.k. with the fact that at least Mom tries.

If you’re parenting an Indigo Child connect with others who are as well. It’s important to be with people who are facing the same issues, as our children push us out of our comfort zone and into so much more. A Reiki center is a good place to start. They are familiar with the concepts these children were born knowing and help us to see the beauty instead of pulling out our hair. Hope to see you there.

Amy Siegal, Earth Heart Reiki Practitioner

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One Response to Parenting Indigo Children – How can something that makes you want to pull your hair out be such a beautiful thing all at the same time?

  1. jen2le says:

    I looked up the words “indigo child” and sensory processing and found your page. My son is 11. He is a very strong Empath. He is definitely an Indigo…maybe a crystal. I am also an Indigo and 2nd degree Reiki. His SPD impacts his life so much, that he does not function well in a classroom, has difficulty in large groups of kids, can’t seem to get along with hardly anyone (always bringing out the worst)….which is strange, because he is such a gentle and loving child. But he is completely honest and authentic. He cannot be deceptive…and won’t put up with that behavior from anyone. So, he comes across as angry or belligerent to others. My challenge…how do I help him acclimate? We are stuck in this world…and still have to find a way to succeed and be happy. Do you have suggestions for my son? I’ve often wondered if I should take him to a reiki master….but not sure what they could do. I’ve tried medicine…he is not classified as “autistic”, although I would disagree on some points…he does not pick up on nonverbal cues in communication. I’m trying hard right now to get him a 504. Sigh. Thanks.

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