What Is A Wellness Reading?

A Wellness Reading is something I do to help the client clarify what problem they may have. I don’t want any information from the client – the less I know the better. All I need to know is whether what’s bothering them is emotional, physical or mental. Or, sometimes, the client will have a specific question. Here are a couple of examples:
I had a client who was having severe itching problems and this had been going on for years. They asked me if I could do a reading to find out what the problem was. I agreed, did the reading and found out they were allergic to mouthwash! I know – it sounds hard to believe and we both just looked at each other but I finally said just try it. Don’t use it for 4-5 days and see if the itching lets up a little bit. They did and it improved! After a couple of weeks it was gone completely.
I had another client who had had knee surgery and after a month was still having problems. They asked for a reading. I told them I didn’t want to know anything more than that – I’ll do the reading and get back to you. The information I received was that something was sticking out from the knee on the inside of the leg and it was swollen. They went to the Dr. a couple of days later and there was a build of up of scar tissue that was sticking out from the inside of the knee. My client and I decided Reiki would be the next step. I started sending Reiki to them and within a week the swelling was just about gone and at one point they said it felt like the scar tissue had dissipated. I talked to them again 3-4 days later and they had all but forgotten about it.
These are just a couple of examples of where a reading can give the client some insight and help them move on with their lives.
Carolyn – Wellness Intuitive

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