Helping Cancer Patients With Reiki

I have had clients that have received Reiki during their cancer treatments. The chemotherapy and the radiation treatments certainly take their toll on the body. Reiki helps with that by working to keep your body in balance during these therapies. It does take multiple sessions, however. And if you get started on Reiki before you start your cancer treatments, that’s even better.
I had one client who was diagnosed with lung cancer. After receiving Reiki during her therapy treatments from her Dr. she was given a clean bill of health. She did experience some side effects but they were tolerable. She even managed to go out to eat and to work! Then she found out about a month later she had emphysema. She called me wanting more Reiki. I told her – you will beat this. So, we started the Reiki treatments and 3 months later she had more tests and guess what – she’s fine. We started the Reiki immediately and it was definitely worth it.
When your body is in balance it is stronger. When it’s stronger, the side effects lessen and it will shorten the recovery time. So if cancer treatment is something you have to go through, why not make yourself as comfortable as possible?

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