Reiki To Heal Addictions

We all have our issues, our weaknesses. For some it’s smoking – for others it’s chocolate. And, of course there are the more dangerous addictions – drugs, pills, alcohol. Reiki can help overcome these addictions by helping you stay calm during withdrawl. It will make you feel like you know you can actually do this. If you’ve tried to quit before this time you will notice it’s different. It won’t seem like such a struggle – like you’re counting every minute. I’ve done it myself – chocolate was my weakness. I didn’t have any cravings and, quite frankly, I didn’t even miss it. I was amazed! The last time I stopped eating chocolate I had a terrible time. I’d watch the clock thinking to myself – ok it’s been another day! I was always tempted to eat some even though my goal was to not eat it. It was a circle. But with Reiki, none of that occurred. At one point I forgot about it and realized it had been 3 days!
If you’re quitting your addiction through a counselor or 12 step program – whatever is is, Reiki will support you in that process as well. We all know that it seems impossible to overcome these addictions, but it is doable. And if you can get some extra help in the meantime go for it. You’ll be glad you did.

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