Animal Communication

I had someone ask me a couple of weeks ago to talk to their dog because they wanted to know how the dog was feeling. So I did. I talked to him and he told me he just didn’t feel good. He didn’t feel bad but he didn’t feel good either. I asked him what the problem was and he said it was his stomach. It felt a little upset and he wasn’t moving around like he usually does. I asked him why his stomach didn’t feel good – if he had any idea and he showed me his food and water dishes. I said so you think it’s something you’re eating? Your food? He said yes. I contacted his person and passed on the information and at first it didn’t make sense to her because he’d been eating the same thing for long enough now that it couldn’t have been his regular food. But then as we continued to talk she remembered that she was putting supplements in his food and water to help with some other problems he was having and one of the supplements was a fairly new one. She stopped the supplements and I spoke to him a few days later. He was feeling great now! He had so much energy and he took me around the house showing me his favorite things to do! He was so excited and obviously felt so much better. I talked to his person after I spoke to him the second time and she said he was acting better and was so glad that she asked me to talk to him because she had no idea that what she was giving him was upsetting his stomach. She just wanted to make sure he was feeling ok.
We sometimes forget that animals have the same problems we do and we may not realize that they are aware of those problems and that they need help with them. And that’s where Animal Communication comes in – it’s another tool to help us keep our pets healthy and safe.
Carolyn – Animal Communicator

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