Talking to our Furry Friends

I love talking to animals. They can tell you all sorts of things! Animals naturally communicate telepathically and appreciate it when someone wants to talk to them! An example is a friend of mine got a puppy recently. The puppy, as puppies do sometimes, kept nipping – not hurting anyone but if you picked him up he wanted to nip at your ears. So, he and I had a talk. I asked him – why do you do that? His answer was that he just gets so excited and it’s his way of showing that he loves you. I asked him if he could tone it down a little and he said he’d do his best. I asked him what phrase he needed to hear so he’d know it was time to do that. He told me – it was “Alright , calm down”. I passed that information along to his “mother”. I talked to her a few days later and asked her if it was helping and she said it was although not completely. He was clearly doing his best (as he put it). I kind of chuckled when she told me that because apparently his best didn’t include stopping completely. During that talk not only did we talk about his “nipping” ~ he also wanted to take me on a tour of his “stuff”. He kept jumping up and down and was so excited. So off we went to the kitchen and he showed me where his dishes were and told me how excited he was that his pet parents put his dishes right where the family is (not off in a corner somewhere). They had bought him the kind of dishes that set up high and that made him feel so special. Then he took me over to his bed and proudly showed me his bed and the blanket they put in it. He continued to tell me how happy he is. It was too cute. Thinking about that talk puts a smile on my face every time.

Now, take my cat, Sadie. Anyone that knows me knows that my husband and I adore her.
A few months back she had a couple of weeks where she was a pill. She wanted to bite and scratch and was acting like she felt irritable. I was beinning to run out of patience. So, one Saturday morning it was just her and I and she started to play rough so I asked her – what’s wrong with you? She quickly told me that her nails needed to be clipped. (Since she was a kitten we’ve had her nails clipped at least once a month but time slipped by – it had clearly been more than that). Anyway – I said – ok, but why are you being mean to only me? Without hesitation she told me it was because I’m the one that takes her to get them clipped!! (Instantly the picture that came to mind was a little girl with one hand on her hip and while rolling her eyes saying that exact same thing!!!! I laughed inside.) So, I quickly told her that I would take her Monday and get them clipped. She settled down the rest of the weekend and on Monday we did just that. She was calm and a pleasure to have around after that – she was herself again. (By the way – I checked the calendar and we were going on 2 months since getting them clipped. Needless to say – that won’t happen again!)

So, you see – animals are no different than people, really. They have feelings, interests, aches and pains. We just need to take the time to find out what they are so we can love them even more.

Carolyn – Animal Communicator

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