Thoughts on Reiki – Carolyn

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I was introduced to Reiki about 15 years ago by a friend who was learning it and needed people to practice on.  Like everyone else, I didn’t see what the big deal was – here this person was giving me a Reiki treatment and I noticed nothing.  I was of the mindset that I should be noticing something now!  You know – like when you’re taking a pill – aspirin, antibiotics, etc. .  I didn’t notice anything and then forgot about it.  Then, about 11 years ago something happened.  My husband was diagnosed with kidney disease.  The Dr. told him that within 5 years he’d be on dialysis.  We handled it like anyone else would, I guess – functioning in a fog trying to figure it all out and wondering what the future would be like.  A few years after that he developed a headache.  And this wasn’t an ordinary headache.  It was a headache that lasted for exactly 1 month and believe me, he was sick for the entire month.  He couldn’t eat – he was barely able to function.  A month or two before this headache came on Reiki once again appeared in my life.  I met someone that not only practiced it but could teach it to me.  I declined politely thinking “this is not for me”.  Well, about 2 weeks into this headache business I found myself wishing I knew Reiki.  I could actually be doing something to help my husband!  And, not only could it work on the headache but what about his kidneys?  As soon as the headache finally let up and he was able to function, I called that person and started to learn Reiki and I haven’t looked back.   That was in 2006.

I started to send Reiki to my husband once or twice a week.  He didn’t like lying on the table for hands-on Reiki so I would send him distance Reiki.  That worked out a lot better.  Within the year he started to feel better.  He started to get some of his energy back – he could actually walk around Walmart now without wanting to sit down!  yay!  His creatnine number – that little number that tells you how your kidneys are functioning and had been slowly creeping upward ~ STOPPED creeping upward.  We were ecstatic!  I continued the reiki treatments and his blood work started to improve.  Then his creatnine number started to go down.  This was amazing!  His doctor couldn’t believe it!  This NEVER happens, he says.  We would just look at each other and smile – knowing that Reiki was truly making a difference.   His visits to the kidney Dr. were changed from every 3 months to every 6 months.  His creatnine kept going down and some of the other bloodwork started to improve also.   Now, 6 years later he looks good and feels good.  His other blood work is starting to be in the normal range, too – for the first time since this all began.   Oh – and did I mention?  He’s NOT on dialysis.

So what is my conclusion?  It’s the Reiki.  Pure and simple.  And my husband’s contribution to his body healing itself?  His belief that there are natural healing modalities that will help your body heal itself if you just keep your mind and your heart open.  That’s all it is – it’s as simple as that.
Carolyn – Reiki Master Practitioner

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